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Warner, NH Mural Project

On October 15, 2020 I went to Warner to interview for a project. I was one of four finalists and had a chance to present my ideas. I visited the Telephone Museum, took a walk, stopped at the top of Mt. Kearsage, and had my interview.

Amazingly I got the project. My plan for the mural included scenes of telephone operators, fishing, and maple sugaring. There was a small view of the town, and a couple buffalo.

I took that plan a bit further when I knew I was a finalist…

I wanted to try a limited palette to help unify the scene. I didn’t feel like there were enough areas of the past (black and white) to warrant balance in the mural. I also felt this alternative coloring scheme might help create a sense of community without too much emphasis on color of skin.

For months I’ve been working with a committee to bring that design to the fullest potential. I look forward to sharing this project with you as I continue this mural’s journey. It will be painted on panels equaling 12ft by 50ft. I will be working on it in a studio in Manchester. Later this year it will be installed in Warner.


I’ll continue with updates in this post and just separate them by date. I’m not the most skilled webmaster.

Today I finished priming the panels and started to trace out the design. I am new at this whole process of cutting up a design, and using a projector to pre-sketch it out.

I thought I’d start with the switchboard operators. Some scenes of the mural will be brightly colored and others black and white to signify the connection of past and present.


I continued tracing out the panels for this project. I now have 6/18 or 1/3 (I used to be a math teacher). Thank goodness they are lining up with one another the way they should – because each piece is part of the puzzle.

Lower left corner

My volunteers know – these are just guidelines. The final product will involve more artistic choices and decisions.

And also I began adding in some color yesterday. There is a set palette for this mural similar to what is shown in the draft of the mural above.

Telephone operators and beginning of Farmers market.


Had time for tracing 3 more panels and painting for a few hours today. Wanting to saturate it with color I have been putting down several coats of each until it is bright.


Had a helper come this week. My friend June is an excellent artist who has taught me a lot about painting. She worked on the third panel (the town of Warner) while I continued with the farmers market.

I also checked how well the first column of panels will stack up. Seems pretty good!


Now that I am deep in this project I’ve learned more details about how it came about.

1) The Warner Economic Development Advisory Committee applied for the grant that provides a large portion of the funding for this project. They hope the mural will be part of a celebration for the 250 year anniversary of Warner. They also hope it can help mark Warner as a community supporting art.

2) The Grant is from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. I was chosen from the applicants after a serious vetting process.

3). Part of the grant includes me working with students at a local school. More details on this will be provided as the project continues.

4) The Warner Historical Society is our fiscal agent and supportive partner in this venture.

And now on with some more painting!


This weekend the team worked on the mural frame, and picked up a practice panel to see how well the plan for hanging would work. The mural is 97% complete. The plan still includes Fall Festival Reveal, and the previous weekend a small event just for the community of Warner.

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The Colors of Manchester

For the last 6 months I’ve been working on a coloring book of Manchester. It is available exclusively at the Bookery, in Manchester NH. It contains 19 drawings of various locations mainly highlighting the downtown area where I spend a lot of my time drawing. I enjoy capturing those every day moments of people going about their days.

I started this drawing at “Let’s Art Together” (an art meetup), and then added in all the details in the windows, the Red Hot Chili Pipers, and leaves on the trees.
This drawing began as an image of buildings only. Manchester has a large community of runners so it seemed appropriate to include one of the runs.

I do many of my drawings in sketchbooks, always with pen. As a lefty I have never been a fan of pencil because of the smudginess. My hand drags over everything I draw. For this book I started on paper but then brought those drawings to the next level with my ipad, using the technical pen in Procreate and adding layers of detail.

This is a sketch I did at Apotheca – for a coloring page I would zoom out and add in things like the coffee counter, succulents on the shelves, and people waiting in line.
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This is a small 4×8’ mural now in Littleton, NH. The theme was “what we love about Living in the North Country.” My family has spent 40 summers there for our time share and we have many favorite places to visit including Polly’s Pancakes, the Basin, the candy counter in Littleton, and many others. I wanted the mural to show people enjoying all New Hampshire has to offer.

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Forever Emma Studios

I’ve been working on this project for about a month. It is in connection with the Palace Youth Theatre. The theatre is called Forever Emma Studios and they host various activities including dance, acting, camps, and exercise.

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Campo Enoteca Part 2

Painting season this year has fallen to the pandemic with less restrictions – so it was great to be out and enjoying early warm spring temps. The restaurant gave me free reign to paint whatever I wanted. I decided to continue street scenes of Italy with people in them this time. Same color scheme.

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Diner Box

My niece and I really enjoy visiting local diners, chatting with the waitstaff, and I love sketching in them. Red Arrow is our fave – original Lowell St. Location – but there are few diners I have not enjoyed. 🙂

2016, sponsored by WMUR
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When I noticed this forgotten phone I wanted to try something with a little historical significance. I thought of the various ideas of the past and thought a nice reflection on the good old days might be in order.

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Pizza Box

I found myself teaching at the school next door to Santoro’s Pizza and on many walks I found myself looking at the decaying reminder of the past. I went in and spoke to the owner who experssed similar ideas of the need to beautify our city and take back all these spaces we have let fall into disrepair. the idea of broken windows is often touted as fact – and though it may not be a proven theory – we know that a littered sidewalk does in fact seem to give permission to more litter.

He gave permission after I assured him I just wanted to put some art out there. I worried that like the music box it would find itself victim to vandals but no one has messed with it in about five years now.

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Book Box

I had my eye on this phone relic for several (four??) years. It was standing right outside the library parking lot – not so much a barnacle but a forgotten shell. It still had the plastic box meant for a phone book hanging from a metal cord.

After obtaining permission from Sarah at Intown Manchester – I was set to go! I included my two nieces, some favorite books and references, and people of all ages reading. I enjoyed meeting lots of people during the execution of this work including a few students from the art institute, farmers market vendors, and lots of pedestrians.